Friday, February 7, 2014

Hopes Dashed and yet so Revitalized

So, as I feared, I did not receive the Fulbright Grant. It was maybe too good to be true. There's nothing stopping me from applying in the future so maybe next year. I am a huge believer that everything happens for a reason. Because now I will finally fulfill my dream of moving to Austin. I am looking for writing jobs and applied for a travel content writer specializing in the Eastern hemisphere. Speaking of the Eastern hemisphere...I am going back. I am traveling for 2 months to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia but who knows where else. We (boyfriend and I) have 2 months and our itinerary is pretty lax. Indonesia may be in the plan somewhere...

I am very excited to be away from all that is familiar. I really think travel makes you a more rounded person. It makes you deal with anything with so much more finesse. Anything that is unexpected in life is put into perspective when you've seen how other, maybe less fortunate, people live. It also makes you more savvy in life. While traveling you have to figure out train times, accommodations, ordering foreign foods, all usually in a different language. Traveling pops your comfort bubble. Hopefully, I'll have a few blog posts on my journey. Look out for pictures!              

From now on, poems will be mine.

This is it

This is the only time.
It will never happen again,
This second, that minute, that last hour will never happen
So why dwell?
That second is already done.
Why wait? 
That is also something of the past now.
This is the time.
This, there, is the place.
Now is the time.
So go do everything. 
See everything.
Be everywhere.
And know that cliches can sometimes be real:
Time is fleeting.
Time is running out.
Time flies when you're having fun.
There's no time like the present.
Time after time.
This is the time.

I was really tempted to end that poem with #YOLO...