Friday, May 9, 2014

I did it

So I did it. I moved across the country. To a hot and muggy city. To a place so overflowing with hipsters it may be so hip that it ain't hip anymore to be so hip. To a place where if you haven't heard of that new band then get outta here. I moved to Austin.
But it's something I never thought I could do and I did it. And I needed it. I needed to step out of that beautiful California comfort bubble at least once in my life. I think it's important for one's pretentious levels to live in a state other than California...
And you know what, the barbecue in Texas has been worth it so far. 
And I think it's a good temporary step to really maximize the fun for the rest of my 20's. 
So here I am! I returned from traveling SE Asia for 2 months, packed my car and drove off. Me, the boy and the cat. 
Southeast Asia was heartbreakingly beautiful. We saw some really cool things but also some terrifying environmental atrocities. Like Nepal, that region has a trash problem. Southeast Asia is also a bit like Mexico for the Eastern world (Australian Spring break anyone?) but if you're looking for a cheap travel destination, SE Asia is worth every penny. 

So, this is both an update and a call for change. I realized this blog has nothing to make it special, nothing to give it incentive to read besides to update people on MY life (so narcissistic). So my new goal is to think of a new, fresh, worthy, lucrative(?) idea for Tej Tej's world. 
I'll let y'all know when I come up with something good. Here's a poem though to at least keep up with my current themes...

Make it New

In the past, you know that far away time and place where
Was it easy to write?
Was it easy to make it big?
Because not everyone had the skill, the means, the desire.
I think of the moderns.
To change the tides of literature they needed to 
"Make it new"
Well Ezra, I'm waiting for you. 
Come tell me how to make this life new.