Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shameless self-promotion

In this day and age an online presence is quite valuable and, as much as I resisted a while back, I am slowly creating one. Therefore, even the technologically-stunted Tej is building her online reputation.


about.me is a great reference because it eliminates the endless search for social media sites that your potential employer may do. And it shows that you're not hiding anything by readily giving them permission to see your raunchy Facebook profile.

In other news...

This Friday I am FINALLY seeing Sleepwalk With Me, a film by Mike Birbiglia and produced by Ira Glass, the host for This American Life (a man I have revered for a long while). So, check back later in the week for a personal review of the film...I am pretty excited.

The preview of the film is on the This American Life website...


Instead of a poem, I will leave you with a quote from Mike Birbiglia. He is a pretty funny guy...

"When I was a kid I would write songs, little plays, and poetry in school. If you're an adult and you're a poet, it's all about love and pain, but if you're a kid it's, "Does anyone know a word that rhymes with shark?" 

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