Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blogs I revere...

Because I am inundated with school work, I feel that I have been neglecting my blog as of late. So, this next blog is to entertain my readers and give you guys references of other blogs that I love. You can read them to take up some of your daily reading time. I'll put the blog and the link and then give you a little summary on why I think that particular blog is so excellent. 

This blog is mainly SPECTACULAR recipes but it also boasts some amazing photography and the author's meditations on the world. For instance her last post wasn't just a recipe for pork confit & black eyed pea cassoulet with honeycrisp apple & sweet potato mash (!!!) but also photos of Appalachia and this poetic rumination: "Time is crass. It sterilizes and homogenizes. But here, in these wild pockets of the South that are still left intact, it's been less profane. I crave being in the heart of Appalachia so much it's actually uncomfortable, a physical tugging I can feel from my sternum to the pit of my stomach. The mountains, they prey on my mind. I want to know them intimately because I want to know myself." 

This is my go-to blog for new music and news on artists that I love. It's an indie music blog but usually has some really interesting entries for artists from all genres. The latest post is on Frightened Rabbit's new EP...

So, this is subjective...this is my good friend, Natalie Smith's blog and she is very funny. She hasn't posted anything in a while but I'll tell her that now that I am endorsing her she'd better get back to it...

Aziz Ansari is my favorite comedian at the moment and his blog is really entertaining. If you are bored there is a chance Aziz might be too...

Also biased here, but it really is an incredible blog. My friend Amy Harris's new blog is called high sierra yoga and it is wonderfully multi-faceted including her writing, photography and a place to sign up for her yoga classes. She has been blogging her food adventures for a couple years now and is translating her expertise to this new blog. She is pretty amazing...

So, these make up my favorite blog collection. I hope you enjoy them!

And per usual I will end with a poem Garrison Keillor read on the daily almanac a few mornings ago. It is called "Bless Their Hearts" by Richard Newman. This is taken from the Writer's Almanac blog. It kind of reminded me of how I feel about this past campaigning season...but I also just really liked it and wanted to share. Garrison Keillor reading it is very pleasant as well. Listen

Bless Their Hearts 

At Steak ‘n Shake I learned that if you add
“Bless their hearts” after their names, you can say
whatever you want about them and it’s OK.
My son, bless his heart, is an idiot,
she said. He rents storage space for his kids’
toys—they’re only one and three years old!
I said, my father, bless his heart, has turned
into a sentimental old fool. He gets
weepy when he hears my daughter’s greeting
on our voice mail. Before our Steakburgers came
someone else blessed her office mate’s heart,
then, as an afterthought, the jealous hearts
of the entire anthropology department.
We bestowed blessings on many a heart
that day. I even blessed my ex-wife’s heart.
Our waiter, bless his heart, would not be getting
much tip, for which, no doubt, he’d bless our hearts.
In a week it would be Thanksgiving,
and we would each sit with our respective
families, counting our blessings and blessing
the hearts of family members as only family
does best. Oh, bless us all, yes, bless us, please
bless us and bless our crummy little hearts.

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