Friday, March 11, 2011


I had the conception (purposefully leaving out 'mis') that to have a blog is, in some way, exposing too much of one's interior monologue. But as I try to ease myself into the rushing river of life, I find it might be necessary. I have spent the last couple evenings arranging an online persona and it is surreal. Now I am "Linked-in," have a profile on AboutMe...I very much want to reject all these social networking technologies but the more I look into the "real-world", the more I realize I need to keep up with the digital age. I sound like I am 80 years old.
Well, here I am. I have taken the plunge. I have a blog that I can now refer people to if they want a peek into my brain.

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  1. The internet world is becoming a whole new area for connections whether you aren't focusing on your age, gender, race, or are. You can write without thinking about any of that just like we will read it. Though blogs are kind of faceless, it makes it easier to for the owner to express themselves. "When you went online, you can shed your earthly baggage and be whoever you wanted." I think this is the perfect thing for what you want to do.